With the MTV EMA awards gracing Liverpool tonight we thought it was only fair we shared out hot picks for this years set of gongs

Rock Out Award

Linkin Park / Metallica / Paramore / Slipknot / 30 Seconds To Mars

All the bands nominated are great at rocking out for their fans; from the up-and-coming Paramore who have just jammed their Converse All Star enclosed feet in the door of ‘Emo’ music, to the old veterans of the industry, Metallica, who have gone from an underground act to one of the biggest bands in the world.

Slipknot are a group of guys who clearly have no fear in rocking the socks off anyone who attends their concerts, and even play though sick-filled masks - if that isn’t rock and roll, I don’t know what is.

Then we have 30 Seconds To Mars with the gorgeous Jared Leto up front as well as political rockers Linkin Park who fit the bill of everything rock should be today.

FemaleFirst votes for:

Metallica - they are still the Kings of rock and Death Magnetic is one of their finest works yet.

Ultimate Urban


Alicia Keys / Beyonce / Chris Brown / Kanye West / Lil Wayne

Alicia Keys is the woman of the moment right now thanks to her heading up the latest James Bond theme with her pal Jack White. Whilst Beyonce is surfing the charts with her hit If I Were A Boy which hasn’t really hit the right note with us.

Kanye West seems to be going from strength to strength with the recent release of Love Lockdown whilst Lil Wayne has been having a bit of trouble with people claiming that he’s dead.

Finally we have newcomer Chris Brown who has been praised by none other than the King Of Pop Michael Jackson for his contribution to music. With Jacko and girlfriend Rihanna behind him, he could be a dark horse.

FemaleFirst votes for:

Kanye West - his cover of Stronger never gets old

Best Act Ever


Britney Spears / Christina Aguilera / Green Day / Rick Astley / Tokio Hotel /U2

Britney Spears does deserve some credit for the brief time she spent on the rails as she was a very successful songstress; at least she deserves this nomination - not like the one for Act of 2008 where all she’s really done is ‘act up.’

Christina seems to be spending just as much time making perfumes than she does making records, but at the same time, she was Britney’s biggest rival ‘back in the day’ and some of her hits really do have staying power.

Green Day and U2 are the ‘fathers of rock’ with actual Dads listening to U2 whilst their angst-ridden teenage sons and daughters rock out to Billy Joe Armstrong and friends.

Tokio Hotel have made the record books by playing the most successful debut live tour ever to grace German stages while Rick Astley deserves some credit for still going… even if he is just ‘Rick Rollin’ along!

FemaleFirst votes for:

U2 - although it was a close call between them and Green Day, Bono just pipped them to the post.



Foo Fighters / Linkin Park / Metallica / The Cure / Tokio Hotel

Well well, what a category; Linkin Park took my favourite band ever, Biffy Clyro out on the road in February for one of the greatest tours I’ve ever witnessed whilst Foo Fighters did what they did best before announcing a hiatus on BBC radio one. (Much to my disappointment)

Metallica, as always, brought metal home has they blasted their fans with a wall of sound that should only be inflicted on crash dummies! The Cure also brought their weird presence to all the ‘cool kids’ in skinny fits with their hair sprayed hair and neon glowsticks.

Tokio Hotel were obviously the most successful debut live tour ever to grace German stages therefore deserve some recognition for that.

FemaleFirst votes for:

Although Tokio Hotel might win because of their smash tour, we would like to see Linkin Park win just for making February the greatest month of 2008.

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