Olly Murs

Olly Murs

Oliver Stanley "Olly" Murs has taken the UK music scene by storm since he finished second on the X-Factor in 2009.

After a #1 hit with Please Don't Let Me Go the cheeky chap has hit the road and I was privileged enough to join the crazy fans at the Manchester Apollo on Saturday.

Olly had plenty of choice as he had hundreds of female fans queueing around the Apollo hoping to be the next Mrs. Olly Murs.

The screaming fans had numerous banners with personalised messages on them showing their love and support for Olly.

The night started with a performance from a new band called The Kixx, who definitely got the audience warmed up for Olly. The Kixx had their song 'Already Gone' played for the first time on Radio 1 on Sunday; it’s definitely worth listening to.

The Kixx where followed by Wonderland, the all-female pop group who fuelled the audience, so the crowd where up on their feet in preparation for Olly’s entrance.

Olly appeared at the top of the staircase which was centre stage followed by screams of excitement from his adoring fans, which I have to say I was one of them.

Olly was on stage with a nine-piece accompaniment: drums, bass, guitar, brass and energetic backing vocals. Olly introduced them and they all got a huge applause.

He sang a number of songs from his hit Album including Change Is Gonna Come, Thinking of Me, I Blame Hollywood, Hold On and Heart on My Sleeve.

He also sang his new song 'Busy' which no doubt will head to the top of the charts when it’s released on the 29th May.

Olly also gave his own take on a selection of covers he holds close to his heart. Each song was accompanied by an assortment of lively dance routines, with Olly’s signature moves woven throughout.

He was pretty amazing and I have to admit I was rather jealous when he gave away his sunglasses to a girl at the front and then asked another woman to get on stage with him for a little dance and a KISS on the cheek.

Olly ended his performance with his hit song from his album, Please Don’t Let Me Go, which is loved just as much now as it was when it went straight to number one in the charts.

This definitely was a crowd pleaser and ended the night on an almighty high.

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