Pink is undoubtedly one of my favourite female singers… I love the way she’s all empowered and confident and is a real role model to young women, but erm, this picture… well, I’m just gob smacked.

I know she’s never been a fashion icon, but neither has she ever tried to go one better than Lady gaga, until now of course… I mean, I know she wants to give people their money’s worth when she’s on tour, but this might be taking it a teeny bit too far.


So, the underwear I could overlook, I mean you’ve got a great body Alicia, so why jot show it off, but sellotaping over your bits might be okay in the bedroom but in front of kids and their parents when you’re on stage, umm, I’ve got to disagree.

Personally if I was with my mum and this came on, I would feel jut as uncomfortable as when people have sex on films, I mean, it’s just awkward isn’t it..? But come to think of it, I bet Pink is far more uncomfortable in this ensemble than we are watching hre gyrate around in it.

But what do you make of it all?

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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