Katie Price

Katie Price

Let's face it, we were all waiting for the moment Katie Price took to the stage for a live performance of her new single "Free To Love Again" and at long last it's GMTV who have been graced with the honour.

To be fair to Katie, she doesn't do a bad job and rather worryingly, the single is actually starting to grow on me a little bit like that tree did during the final episode of The Demon Headmaster back when I was a kid.

Despite the fact that she's wearing a dead gorilla and her hair has been styled by Jedward (nothing compared to the fact that her male dancers are wearing corsets and look like something from Night Of The Living Dead) she pulls off the performance almost flawlessly.

We say almost because - whilst you'd be pretty stupid to think the performance featured live vocals anyway - at around 1.52 Katie forgets she's supposed to be singing live and takes the mic away from her face whilst the vocals miraculously continue for a second or two. Amazing.

Have a little look and let us know what you make of it anyway.

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