The duo are mostly recognised for their hits ( and I use the term hit very loosely indeed) Ooh Stick You and U.G.L.Y as well as their rip off of Alice Cooper's School's Out. Unsurprisingly, their album, We Didn't Say That only managed to reach number 140 in the UK singles chart.

So why, you might be asking yourself, am I writing about them and why do we care what happened to them? Well as much as I hate to admit it, I couldn't get enough of Ooh Stick You 'back in the day' and as much as you might hate to admit it, I know you love it too!

The Girls

As shocking as it might be, Daphne wasn't actually called Daphne but was in fact Karen DiConcetto but adopted the stage name because she resembled the Scooby Doo character of the same name - classy! But never fear, Celeste wasn't a fraud, as her name really was Celeste Cruz.

The only way to describe their music would be as pure cheesy pop aimed at a teenage audience which wasn't taken very seriously by listeners and as a result led to their out-of-place appearance at The Reading and Leeds Festivals culminating in them being bottled off stage!

It wasn't a surprise that many people felt a lost of anger towards the girls as their song U.G.L.Y was viewed as promoting bullying. But the girls violently denied this by saying their lyrics were meant to be tongue in cheek.

This in itself led to the opening up of a whole new can of worms as they found themselves amid rumours of their true identities as some believed they were in fact teenagers, whilst others thought they were actually a lot older than what they claimed. Also, people accused them as being British girls posing as Americans in order to sell more records.

No surprise then that the girls were quickly dropped from their label with their official website closing down in 2001 and their management company, Perfect Noise Limited, was dissolved in November 2002.


Since they disappeared from the face of the musical Earth it is believed that the girls have moved back to the US with Daphne taking a job working in theatre whilst Celeste works in in fashion retail... H&M anyone?

However, we sadly weren't left to rest our ears in peace as the duo reunited for a "mini-tour" of England in spring 2005 with a contemporary pop star, Lolly. During the promo for the tour, Celeste revealed that the girls had plans to move into television In the same interview, Celeste Cruz said that she also had worked in theatre and that the duo were planning to break into television. In 2004, Celeste also took the role of "Maria" in the movie Brooklyn Bound.

Elsewhere, 'Daphne' has a role in Holger Ernst's The House is Burning, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival on 26 May 2006 as well as a couple of other film and TV appearances over the years.

So "What Now?" I hear you scream? Well unfortunately, or luckily, depending whether your ears actually work or not, the girls have all but vanished from the celebrity radar and are quite happy living their 'normal' lives in the US as just another victim on the world's hideous tax roll.

If you are craving just one last fix though, don't despair, you know I wouldn't leave you sweating and craving for another relive the joys below before suffering the slow and painful comedown.

Femalefirst - Ruth Harrison