Matt Cardle the latest X Factor winner to cover a song

Matt Cardle the latest X Factor winner to cover a song

1. Matt Cardle- “When We Collide” Not only is it the wrong title for the song but this year’s X factor winner has taken Biffy Clyro’s “Many of Horrors” and made it so mainstream, it’s no wonder why Biffy Clyro laughed about it. Either way the band are receiving quite nice royalties for letting another X Factor, fame hungry artist ruin the song.

2. Joe McElderry- “The Climb” Another X Factor artist trying to get to the big time. Unfortunately for Joe, this song only made it to Christmas number 2 after people campaigned and made Rage Against The Machine number 1. Unlucky Joe. But this cover was not impressive compared to the original (even I’ll admit it was a good song for Miley Cyrus).

joe mcelderry

3. Glee Cast- “Gives You Hell” This song originally by the All American Rejects was one of the biggest flops from the cast’s fabulous renditions of songs. The response to the song was a mixed one with some loving it and others looking the other way. However, despite the song error, the Glee Cast have seen themselves in the UK top spot with “Don’t Stop Believin” and major album sales. Who said one bad cover song and you’re out? Take note Mr McElderry.

4. Limp Bizkit- “Behind Blue Eyes” Originally by The Who, it was evident to everyone how bad this song choice was for Limp Bizkit. Known for his vibrant, catchy rock tunes, this song did not suit the persona of the man himself.

5. Steps- “Better The Devil You Know” Of course this top10 wouldn’t be complete without one major cheesy band. Steps covered Kylie Minogue’s song, but went that bit further by adding a dance routine, that once you know, you’ll always know. However, the weird devil outfits and routine could not top the famous original. Sorry guys.

vampire weekend live

6. Vampire Weekend- “Fight For This Love” This is a cover that you’ll either love or hate. It’s boring in comparison to Cheryl Cole’s version. A song that does not suit the Indie pop band at all.

7. Marilyn Manson- “What Comes Around” Justin Timberlake’s original ruined. Just ruined. Check out the song and you’ll realise there is no words to describe it.

8. Paramore- “Use Somebody” Another radio lounge fail. We love Paramore, we really do, but this Kings Of Leon cover just didn’t reflect anything more than a karaoke performance done sat down. Hayley even looks at the words from time to time. Just glad it didn’t affect their careers because they are a respectable band.

9. A Static Lullaby- “Toxic” This would’ve really worked if they were not so hardcore punk. The band and the song were too contradicting to make it a success amongst the other songs on “Pop Goes Punk 2” album.


10. Jedward- “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” Featuring Vanilla Ice. Put it this way, better artists have performed a better cover of this song. However, it was their best performance on the X Factor and they have gained more popularity than some of the talented finalists. Well the damage is done and so there isn’t much more to say.

If these aren’t the worst covers you’ve ever heard, then post a comment and tell us what has been a cover flop.

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