Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec are currently on track to do the incredible and reach the number one spot on a wave of nostalgia and goodwill with the re-release of their 1994 rap song ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’ and it proves that personality might just be one of the most powerful weapons in the modern world of music.

While we hate to bag on about them, One Direction aren’t at the top of the pop ladder thanks to their musical talent, they’re their because of their personality. It’s something that The Wanted have been so keen to cultivate in the form of their ‘Wanted Wednesdays’. It’s what made Girls Aloud such a bigger force than The Saturdays and The Sugababes.

It’s not a new thing either, The Monkees and The Beatles were doing it throughout the sixties and seventies to great effect.

Ant and Dec are proving this to be an invaluable tool, as they’ve shot to number one in the midweek charts with their novelty tune, riding off the back of their incredible likeability and the public’s powerful love of nostalgia.

It’s not as if the duo were re-releasing a chart titan, as the song originally charted at number nine in the charts back in the mid-nineties when they operated under the pseudonyms of PJ and Duncan and looks set to double the sales the track has accrued in nearly two decades in the space of a week.

Since then though, the pair have turned from shell-suit wearing lads off Byker Grove to full blown national treasures, a pair that have been taken to the hearts of millions across the country for their effortless style and ability to never take themselves seriously.

That the pair have also declared that all of the profits from the song are going to be donated to charity simply makes the whole endeavour, that could be harshly badged as a cheap PR stunt, into something a whole lot less easy to cynically dismiss. It also makes those who buy the record feel good about both themselves and Ant and Dec. Very clever stuff indeed.

While it’s not certain that the pair will be toasting their first ever chart topping success, they’ve more than proved their point.

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