We are on countdown to the release of Ariana Grande’s new album, Sweetener.

We’ve already had a taste of some of the tracks, like No Tears Left to Cry, and God is a Woman.

Every day we’ve been getting countdown posts from Ariana, and last night she posted a video of her fiance, Pete Davidson revealing his five favourite tracks from the album, saying that God is a Woman, Pete Davidson, R.E.M, Sweetener and Better Off are his picks, but "they’re all sick".


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Her fourth album is released on August 17, and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up all her countdown posts on Instagram because, we simply can’t wait either.

Ari gave us the full list of the track names for the new album last week, which has obviously got us giddy to find out more.

two weeks 🌫

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9 days to go, and we can get new merch!

How amazing does she look in this post, 8 days to go…


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For the one week to go mark, she uploaded this video to tease us with some new music.

one week :)

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There’s even a whole Insta page dedicated to her new album tagged in this picture.

hello six mf days i am ................. screaming i love u

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We need more teasers; notifications turned on!

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