American singer, songwriter and performer Aubrey Logan is no stranger to global fame, regularly amassing close to two and a half million hits whenever she delivers one of her unique swing-tinged, trombone-enriched pop covers for the almighty Postmodern Jukebox. Now the girl who was “too jazzy” for Simon Cowell in American Idol, and who won the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2009 takes a charismatic step into the solo limelight to release her debut album ‘Impossible’ on October 20.

This diverse and eclectic collection of different genres and sounds sees Aubrey creatively and smoothly incorporate her highly-acclaimed signature trombone playing along with her distinctive vocals. Always told it’d be impossible to successfully create a cross-genre album, Aubrey’s new record aims to prove everybody wrong.

Speaking to Female First about the top 5 things that she finds ‘impossible’, Aubrey got straight to the point and didn’t hold back! Read on to find out what she had to say…

1. Applying False Eyelashes

I don’t even understand the POINT of going on stage without them, because, come ON! And yet, every single time I go to apply my falsies, you’d think I’d never even seen them before.

2. Functioning Without (Good) Coffee

I’m a native of Seattle you see, and though my hometown hosts the flagship of Starbucks, you won’t be seeing me in one very often.

I’m a morning person by musician’s standards, as in I get up at 8am instead of the typical noon, but I won’t be able to speak a coherent sentence until I’ve had one cup of joe, beans grounded by me and brewed by yours truly (I have a hard time letting someone else make it for me). And don’t be putting any cream or sugar in that! I need pure, unadulterated, brewed black coffee.

Talk to me before I’ve had a few sips and expect me to understand you? Impossible.

3. Sleeping On An Airplane

“Just sleep on the plane,” they said. “You’ll be fine,” they said. Yes, fine if you like sleeping folded in a seated at attention position where the seat swoops into your neck a little as you do all you can to not lay your head on the shoulder of the stranger sitting next to you. As track one of the album says, “you got me crying on the airplane…”. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

4. Going To An After Party

Showtime is fun for me. I feel at home on stage. But I’m not a real extrovert and though I may fool the crowd into thinking I’m the “life of the party”, I’d much rather be at home in my pyjamas with a blanket, speaking to no one. I’m sure it’s POSSIBLE for me to go to an after party, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to have an inkling of useable energy left when it’s over.

5. Playing Trombone With Lipstick On

I’ve tried more lip products than I knew existed. The stain is the least messy, but it disappears into thin air after three to four songs. The matte long-wear cement lipsticks flake off eventually. Regular lipstick? It’s a clown show. I’ve tried them all – I think? – but I still haven’t found the winner that lasts for an entire 90-minute show. So if you see me favouring a smoky eye and a muted lip over a bold pout, that’s why!


In support of her upcoming record, Aubrey will be heading out to perform a series of live shows in the likes of France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Estonia and a number of American states. Whilst we don’t yet have any information on UK dates, we imagine we’ll be seeing Aubrey hitting British soil sooner rather than later!

Aubrey Logan’s debut solo album ‘Impossible’ is released on Knight Music Inc via Right Track/Universal on October 20. iTunes is offering a preview of the album now ahead of release, with the record also available on Apple Music.

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