Gearing up for the release of her new album across the UK a little later this year, Aubrey Logan returns to the music scene – but this time on her own! Check out the music video for her debut solo single ‘PISTOL’ below:

Of course, this isn’t Aubrey’s first venture into the industry, with her band Post Modern Jukebox already racking up an impressive 2.5 million hits on YouTube alone.

With this track though, Aubrey hopes “to create a 007 vintage sound, and even incorporate some of that 60s psychedelia.”

Working with producer Dale Becker in his studio in Pasadena, California, she adds: “Dale and I layered the vocal and instrumental tracks, enabling me to do my own back-ups and add trombone harmonies.”

The ‘Pistol’ remix for UK release was by Red Triangle, with workings from its principals Rick Parkhouse and George Tizzard.

‘Pistol’ is officially released on July 7.

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