We've been counting down our favourite albums of the year and so far, eight names and their corresponding records have been lamented as some of the best of 2015.



Now though we've come to our second place position.

Adele - '25'

Finally returning from her music break, after telling everybody she took so long because she wanted her new release to be perfect, Adele did the impossible and put out an LP just as exciting as her world-dominating '21'.

Kicking things off with the release of lead single 'Hello', the single attained success across the globe, reaching number one in a massive 28 countries. After the music video release, it took 24 hours to achieve over 27.7 million views and broke Vevo's Record for most views in a single day, before also breaking the Vevo record for shortest time to reach 100 million Vevo views.

Then came the album release, which has managed some incredible feats, including but not limited to:

  • Being the 20th album to sell a million copies in the US in a week
  • Being the first album to sell more than three million copies in the US in a week
  • Having the most albums sold in a single week in the US
  • Having the best first-week US sales for a female artist
  • Becoming the best-selling album in the US of 2015
  • Becoming the biggest album in the US since Adele's prior album '21'

And she's managed to do all of this without having her record on a single streaming site.

As a collection of work, '25' is one of the most beautiful records of all time. It's thought-provoking, innovative, beautiful and mesmerising. There are the ballads we've all come to expect of Adele, and some more upbeat, chirpier numbers. Injecting her personal experiences into each and every track means that it's not just a relatable listen, but one which allows us into the mind of Adele Adkins, if just for a little while.

Adele will go down in history as one of the best interpreters of romance there has ever been, and one of today's best songwriters. She manages to touch and become one with any listener willing to give her a chance because of the lyrics she writes down then belts out.

The list so far:

10) Muse - 'Drones'

9) Florence + The Machine - 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'

8) Elle King - 'Love Stuff'

7) Little Mix - 'Get Weird'

6) Adam Lambert - 'The Original High'

5) The Weeknd - 'Beauty Behind The Madness'

4) Kendrick Lamar - 'To Pimp A Butterfly'

3) Duran Duran - 'Paper Gods'

2) Adele - 'Hello'

Check back tomorrow to find out who makes the top position in our 2015 countdown.

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