Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

Valentine’s Day is on us once again, and while the love songs will be coming thick and fast, it’s hard to avoid the old clichéd tracks.

So, for those of you too cool for school, we thought we’d dig a little deeper through our collections and find some nicely alternative love songs that brighten up our Valentine’s Day.


Regina Spektor – Folding Chair

While Regina Spektor can sometimes be a little too cutsey for her own good, this is a time when her quirky charms simply make for an adorable little track.

Playfully bouncing around throughout with Spektor being her usual cooky self, this is song all about a couple having a completely bohemian relationship, full of love and with no cares in the world apart from each other. She doesn’t care about the number in his bank account; she just wants him to be next to her.

If there’s something sweeter than that, we’re not too sure what is.

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You

It’s fair to say that we’ve fallen in love with Frank Ocean over the last year. This gorgeous, intimate and swoon inducing track is just what we want on Valentine’s.

This tale of first love may have gotten most of its press thanks to Ocean admitting it’s about another guy, but disregard that from your mind and just allow yourself to be enveloped by the wonderfully woozy backing beat and disarmingly personal lyrics.

It’s the song that takes apart the tired and clichéd R&B ballad and gives it a fresh coat of paint.

Beyonce – Crazy In Love

Just like Hall and Oates, this is a love song you get up and dance too like a love drunk idiot as this song also perfectly captures the energy and thrill of love, unlike a whole bunch of songs that just get caught up in the whole emotional side of it all.

That it introduced Beyoncé to her now husband might just give it that little outside influence needed to make it a Valentines must for anyone with a passing fancy of Sasha Fierce. It just helps if you've got someone there to do the Jay-Z parts.

Daft Punk – Something About Us

The robot headed Parisian pair might not be the first name you think of when it comes to romance, but this is a fantastically sweet and disarmingly simple funk infused song.

It may not win prizes for subtlety when it comes to its lyrics, but what it lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in sincerity and grace. Even though it's vocal only lasts for about a quarter of the track, it's slow simple beat makes for a nicely different song for the perfect impromptu slow dance around the living room.

The xx – VCR

The xx have a penchant of being able to take any song and make it amazingly delicate and poignant, but this track off their debut album takes the cake when it comes to them perfecting the tiny love song.

This is a lovely, sweet little song, with line like “You think we are the best thing” making it impossible to keep up a stony expression throughout this honeyed ditty of a relationship built on trust and a love of the little things in life.

Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams Come True

Most love songs like to go for the power chords and big, sweeping solos, but this wonderfully upbeat and bouncy number from the eighties makes for a wonderfully alternative ditty for those in the embrace of love’s warm embrace (ok, sorry, that made even us feel cheesy).

Practically forcing you to almost bound along like an idiot whenever listened to, you might find yourself recreating the 500 Days Of Summer dance sequence if you listen to Hall and Oates at the right time.

Paramore – The Only Exception

Paramore are more commonly known for throwing their weight around and trying to start a ruckus. All of which makes this charming little ode all the more surprising and all the more beguiling.

Possessing none of the raucous guitar riffs of Paramore's usual fare, this stripped it all back to a personal little tale of finally taking down the barriers that so many of us put up. Focussing of Hayley William's vocal here was a masterstroke


Any other songs off the beaten path that you love on Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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