Let me start things off by saying I am a HUGE Britney Spears fan. Which fan of pop couldn't be? She's the perfect package for bubblegum music with a stylised edge and I couldn't be more thankful for some of the incredible hits she's delivered throughout her career to-date.

However, her spark has faltered. Her medley performance at the Billboard Music Awards last night (May 22) whilst entertaining was, for the most part, lacklustre. Britney wobbled her head one way then shook it the other without singing a single note. It's something she's been doing for years and something people will continuously make excuses for - but it's something that's no longer exciting.

As she rattled her way through some of the verses of the songs that made her famous I sat and wondered just when things were going to end. Three minutes in and I was ready for her to take in her applause and leave. Aside from the dance break in 'Slave 4 U', I didn't smile or get goosebumps the way I do when other performers take to the stage and really give it their all. Britney may be in the best shape she's been in for some time, but still she doesn't seem to be 100% into her performance. Her injuries have plagued her for some time and that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Her killer dance routines are a thing of the past - now we only see a glimpse of the Britney that once was, and it's sad.

Britney will be going down in history no matter which turn her career takes next. Perhaps it's time for her to round things off soon. That being said, she's absolutely killing it in Las Vegas, breaking all sorts of records and raking in the cash, so who am I to judge?

I miss the Britney the world fell in love with at the beginning of her career. But, I respect the Britney we have today.

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