Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one of the biggest names in music, and despite disappointing sales figures for her latest studio album, 'Britney Jean', she's still managing to impress.

Her Las Vegas residency kicked off at the end of December and garnered a whole heap of fantastic reviews due to her much-improving choreography, dancing and stage production.

There is of course the small matter of the entire show reportedly being lip-synced, but this is something we now seem to forgive Britney for, as she continues to make up for it in other places.

Yes, she could perhaps utter at least a few lines of 'Everytime' - one of her biggest hits - as she's simply 'floating' around in an angel outfit and not really having to do much at all, but when you're in the same room as the icon herself watching a fantastic display - does it really matter?

I suppose one thing that Britney has done with this residency has opened a debate about what a pop star should be doing. Do we care about vocals when it comes to the females of pop, or do we just want our favourite songs to be played alongside a great show?

This is probably one that could go either way, but representatives say tickets are selling well and audiences, as a whole, seem to be pleased with the service provided for their cash.

Nobody is forcing anybody to go and watch, and so the true test will come in the next few months. Will people pay for a lip-synced but upbeat show? We'll simply have to wait and see.

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