Brooke Law is back with her brilliant new single Don't Say It's Love, and ahead of the song's video's official release on Monday (September 10), we've got our hands on the stunning music video for the track! You can check it out for the first time below:

Chatting about the visuals, Brooke says: "Through society we all feel pressured into finding 'the one' and rushing into something serious either by the relationship itself or by others around us. The video explains this metaphorically by being wrapped up in material whilst showing glimpses of the time together. In the hook of the song I am free with the fabrics and in control showing the archetype of the song."

As a London-born singer-songwriter, Brooke Law is somebody we've not been able to ignore. Having started writing and honing her performance skills since the age of 15, she's visited intimate venues around London, building her confidence and allowing her to evolve into the passionate and brilliant artist we see today.

Though some of her music is indeed about the typical topics of love and relationships, she's also able to portray messages of hope, feminism, equality and her own societal beliefs through her craft. It's this that we love to see celebrated; she's a storyteller with plenty to say.

Don't Say It's Love is available from Tuesday, September 11 and will feature on her upcoming debut EP Archetypes, set for release before the end of the year.

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