Callum Wright is an artist we love championing on Female First. He's talented, passionate, ambitious and good looking, and now looks set to take on the music industry in the UK with the release of his debut single '1,2,3'. With everything it takes to make an artist successful, we have high hopes for his future.

Picking up on his single's summer vibe, we've asked Callum to put together a list of his 10 favourite summer songs perfect for the (hopefully) sunny months ahead. Check out his selection below!

Callum Wright
Callum Wright

10. Oh Cecilia - The Vamps

Summer is all about lighthearted fun and this song is 3 minutes of exactly that! Definitely makes the list.

9. A Horse With No Name - America

This was THE song of my first UK Tour last June. My manager and I had it blasting in the car almost every day for four weeks... it was this song with the windows down and the sun blazing. Every time I hear it it brings back those memories from the road.


I absolutely love FUSE ODG's jams! Especially this one, great feel good summertime track.

7. Drunk & Incapable - Krishane ft. Melissa Steele

I first heard this song last October on a freezing cold rainy morning (standard England eh) and it immediately made me feel like I was back home in Barbados on the beach. Everything about it from his vocals to the beat screams sunshine, gotta love it!

6. I Got U - Duke Demont

The steel drums in this track are maaaas. They add a definite Caribbean vibe to it which I love. Definitely a summer hit!

5. What's My Name - Rihanna

Come on, gotta include RiRi on this list. She knows how to make a summer hit better than anyone and this is the mecca! Big tune for sure!

4. Hold Yuh - Gyptian

Whenever I'm on a night out anywhere in the UK and this one comes on I go crazy! It was massive in Barbados when it first came out so when I hear it over here it takes me straight back to those Bajan beach parties. Will always be one of my all time favourite songs.

3. Twilight - Cover Drive

I love Cover Drive and actually worked a bit with them before I moved over here. Their talent is incredible and it definitely shines through in this song. Talk about the perfect summer song, a 3 minute dose of sunshine. You can't listen to this and not feel like your on a beach somewhere sipping an ice cold pina colada. BIG tune!

2. OMI - Cheerleader

Just heard this track the other day and what a tune! Don't think you could get any catchier if you tried. I'd say this is the song of this summer for sure, hats off to you OMI!

1. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

One summer my family and I went sailing around the Grenadines (a chain of islands just off St. Vincent) for a couple days and this song played at every restaurant on every island we docked at. Now there's nothing that reminds me more of summer than this. One of my all time favourite songs by one of my all time favourite artists and biggest inspirations. Number 1 goes to the boss man himself, Bob Marley!

Callum Wright's incredible new single '1,2,3' could be the song of the summer and is officially released in the UK on June 21. Check out the music video for the track below.

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