Charlotte Church on stage / Credit: Guy Bell

Charlotte Church hit the stage last night in London for an extraordinary, futuristic combination of neon laser lights, interactive costumes and new music.

Her sci-fi show saw the audience take control of her outfits, while bubble machines filled the air and a UV light show was put on to celebrate her forthcoming release 'FOUR'.

Audience interactivity was at a high / Credit: Guy Bell

The event was named 'Entanglement' - quite fitting as one of Charlotte's on-stage costumes actually wrapped around the audience, adding an element of interactivity rarely seen.

The crowd was treated to glowing accessories and UV make-up upon arriving at the venue, so that the neon light installation made them shine, and Charlotte even gave away goodies including signed copies of 'FOUR'.

The night held a futuristic feel / Credit: Guy Bell

“It's like a cartoon, big and bright and colourful, but it's also a product of us pushing what we can do and pushing the boundaries when we’re performing live.” Charlotte said of her new record.

'FOUR' is released March 10.

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