Back with her new single ‘Always Reminding’ is the brilliant Christina Martin, who’s now gearing up for the release of what looks to be an incredible new album, ‘Impossible To Hold’. Out on March 23, we caught up with the singer-songwriter to find out a little bit about some of her favourite other Canadian artists – and especially those from Nova Scotia! Check out an exclusive blog from Christina below…

Christina Martin is back / Credit: Scott Munn of

Christina Martin is back / Credit: Scott Munn of


All of these women from Nova Scotia have inspired me at one time or another in my own career. Early on, I remember seeing independent artists Jenn Grant and Rose Cousins building connections and always developing/adapting/growing with their beautiful heartfelt songs. Some of these women have been successful in securing what on the outside would be considered the ‘dream team’ to support their music careers. Ria Mae is really BIG right now in the Canadian Pop scene, and that is no easy feat! I haven’t asked them, but I think they are all making music that is meaningful to them, and I applaud them, and I hear them, and I bet we can all relate to many of the same triumphs and challenges of working in the music business. I am happy to celebrate them with this playlist.

Meaghan Smith – ‘Mirror’

When I saw the video for this song, it made me cry. She has such a beautiful and I think unique voice, a calming breath delivered with each perfect note.

Gabrielle Papillon – ‘When The Heart Attacks’

This is Gabrielle’s feminist anthem, and her favourite song on her latest album ‘Keep The Fire’. She continues to evolve and show her strength in life and in her work.

Erin Costelo – ‘Quiet The Bombs’

Erin is an all-around strong musician, producer, and performer! She’s also a really great energy to stand next to. Love her work and drive, and love having her over for dinner and chats.

Ria Mae – ‘Bend’

Ria is the most obvious example to me of a pop success story from Eastern Canada. She is someone who has worked hard and secured a major record deal, a top management team in Canada, and is building a seemingly healthy career and fan base on her own terms (again, it SEEMS, I haven’t asked her). It’s remarkable to watch. I dig her new single ‘Bend’.

Rose Cousins – ‘If You Were For Me’

I still sing this song in my head all the time. Rose is from PEI, but I met her in Nova Scotia in the early 2000s. Her career trajectory continues to be an inspiration. I feel like Rose is another strong female example of someone who decided to write and perform beautiful songs, and when it comes to the ‘business’ side of music, I pretend to think her attitude is: “I’m going to do this, it may not be the traditional way, but it will kick ass.” And then, she kicks ass.

Jenn Grant – ‘Dreamer’

Another powerful East Coast singer-songwriter who continues to evolve and deliver beautiful music. Whenever I run into Jenn, I wish we had more time together.


Christina’s new album ‘Impossible To Hold’ is out March 23, 2018. For more information, you can go to You can also listen to Christina on Spotify at

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