Chvrches release their third EP Recover this coming week and see the Scottish band try to become the latest electronic artist to cross the chasm and become a major mainstream success.

Although the group were beaten to the punch at the Scottish Alternative Music Award for Best Electronic Artist, that honour going instead to Plum (you read our Plum interview here) the Glaswegian trio are now heavily ensconced in the heart of Radio 1 and the music guard around the country.

With the band also coming in fifth in the BBC’s prestigious ‘Sound Of’ list for 2013, they look set to become one of the biggest electronic voices of 2013, a heady achievement in a genre of music that’s enjoying a comeback worthy of Lazarus himself.

As the pop world becomes more and more intertwined with the electronic, it’s only a matter of time until we have a full blown cross genre sensation, and if musical quality was the only marker, the Chvrches would be amongst those leading the charge.

Lauren Mayberry’s vocal is the perfect complement to the arrangement; working with the twinkly synths to create a sound has delicate and delicious as a soufflé. Chvrches are the perfect gateway drug into the world of electronica, a great introduction into the different sides of electronic music.

Be it the odder but more ethereal sounds of artists like A Fine Frenzy to the cool indifference of MsMr to the much darker and menacing acts like Kaspersky, the world of the electronic is one that is growing more and more prevalent in the mainstream musical scene, as the world rediscovers its love of the synth.

That Chvrches are able to combine the crisp sounds of the Scandinavian electronic scene that has many of us critics learning Swedish and coming up with excuses to head over to Stockholm with a sweetness that makes them sound instantly welcoming and playful to newcomers to the genre is a great success and one that will fair them very well indeed.

With a full album set for later in the year, Chvrches could be on the brink of a year worthy of worship.

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