Sarah McGuinness makes her return this month, with a brilliantly festive track and the accompanying music video; the latter of which we can exclusively premiere here on Female First today! ‘No More Sad Songs (Christmas Every Day)’ is the perfect pop track for the holiday season, addictive and infectious and working its way into the minds of everybody listening upon first listen. You can check out the brilliant video for the song below:

As a producer, director, composer and Emmy-nominated screenwriter, it’s fair to say that McGuinness is a British star who’s already made some impressive waves in the entertainment industry. Having made her debut on the music scene earlier this year with solo record ‘Unbroken’, she now returns with a Christmas gift for her fans both old and new.

Not alone on the song, McGuinness is joined by the brilliantly talented Inishowen Children’s Choir who appear alongside the singer as her infant nativity choir. The singer/songwriter also produces and directs the video personally, which holds a special significance for her, as it’s shot in her home town of Donegal and depicts the literal coming home of Father Christmas.

The story told is one of a mother and daughter, busying themselves with preparing for the cosy Christmas period and waiting for their husband/father to return home from his dangerous fishing expedition. From his steely determination comes success and of course, the joy of the festive season, and as he returns to his home he finds comfort in the warmth and love of his family.

It’s a relatable tale for everybody watching. For the majority of people, Christmas is a time for family and friends to come together and let each other know more than ever before just how special they are to one another. That’s the message McGuinness seems to be putting out here, and in a world where there’s so much sadness, anger and tragedy, it could be one of the most important messages of the year so far. A true talent from McGuinness indeed.


‘No More Sad Songs (Christmas Every Day)’ is officially released on December 22, 2017 via Right Track Records, with McGuinness’ debut album ‘Unbroken’ available to stream and download now.

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