Known for her unique soulful vocals and relatable lyrics, UK singer/songwriter Lucy-May announces the release of her new single, ‘Counting The Days’ on 11 August, the lead track to be taken from her highly anticipated follow-up second album, out this Autumn. Her debut single ‘Paper Heart’ reached Radio 2 playlist in 2013 and her debut album ‘Whirlwind’ proudly boasted the highly sought after ‘Highly Recommend’ position at HMV. Now with a complete catalogue of fresh original material in the shape of her follow-up album and a UK tour planned for the Autumn, Lucy-May is back with a sound which surpasses anything she’s ever done before. We caught up with Lucy-May ahead of the release of ‘Counting The Days’ to find out exactly what she is counting these days..

Lucy May on her favourite things

Lucy May on her favourite things

Counting My Pennies

As I am an independent artist I’m constantly working and trying to make any money to fund what I am doing. This is a real struggle as it is hard to juggle work and everything I do, not only an artist, but as manager/administrator/social media. So I literally find myself counting my pennies all the time and where certain money has to go. It's always in one hand and out of the other, the same day usually!

Counting My List Of Things To Do

I am constantly making a to do list. I have to do this as I am doing everything from admin, booking gigs, social media not just making music. If I don't make lists, I end up forgetting what I have to do. I always say I have a list as long as my arm to get through. I always count how many things I have to do and always feel great the more things I cross off, even though by the end of that day it is mounting back up again.

Counting My Blessings

I always try to look on the bright side of everything. Life is sometimes very testing and it is easy to get bogged down with things. At times things and people around you can be negative but I always try to stay positive. I do get stressed with work load pressures but I always count my blessings that I am fit and healthy and doing what I love doing even if it is a struggle at times.

Counting The Days

Now that we have a date for the release of my album, I find myself counting the days. There is so much that goes into an album release. Everything from social media, artwork and credits for the album, album being pressed, tour being organised. Its like 5 jobs in one but also very exciting and I literally cannot wait for everyone to finally be able to hear my second album after so much hard work being put in by myself and my team around me.

Counting Sheep

I have never been a great sleeper so have got used to not much sleep. I am such a light sleeper that any slight sound wakes me and it takes me forever to first get to sleep. I wake up lots of times during the night with a lyric or melody idea in my head, I always have a notebook by the side of my bed or use my notes/voice memos on my phone so when this happens I get it straight down so I don't forget by the time its morning. I have such an over active brain that I find it hard to shut off so I try all sorts from thinking of laying on the peaceful beach at my favourite resort, listening to whale type relaxing music and counting sheep.

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