Poised for a major breakout this year, rising star Seth Ennis is somebody who must be taken seriously in the music industry. Hailing from Georgia but now rooted within Music City, the singer/songwriter has been tapped by some of country’s biggest stars to bring his sound to fans across the United States. From Florida Georgia Line to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, he’s consistently impressed his peers and joined them on tours of the country before making his debut in the UK earlier this year.

Seth Ennis is sharing his musical talents with the world

Seth Ennis is sharing his musical talents with the world

First performing at the renowned C2C Festival, Seth went on to perform at UK dates with Little Big Town, which took him to Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Gateshead, Glasgow, Bristol and London.

Whilst enjoying his time in Britain, we got Seth to tell us 15 things about him that he thinks his fans don’t know, but would like to know about him! Read on to find out what he had to reveal…

  1. I was ran over by a van when I was 18 months old.
  2. I started taking piano lessons when I was five years old.
  3. I grew up as a military kid and lived in Japan for six years of my life.
  4. I delivered magazines at the air force base I lived on when I was nine years old. I bought my first drum kit from the money I made delivering newspapers.
  5. I was a wrestler in high school and won the Far East High School Championship.
  6. I’m a Manchester City fan.
  7. I love collecting and wearing basketball jerseys.
  8. I toured around playing music, driving in my dad’s old pickup truck for years.
  9. My first music travelling gig wasn’t as a singer – I was playing drums for someone else!
  10. In eighth grade, I played Troy Bolton in the school’s production, High School Musical.
  11. I write a lot of songs for other artists, not just myself.
  12. I like going to the movie theatre by myself.
  13. I love the mountains, snowboarding, hiking and backpacking.
  14. I was a camp counsellor for two years.
  15. I like to think of myself as a pretty good cook.

All of this comes alongside the release of Seth’s new Corey Crowder-produced EP, ‘Mabelle’. Available now on digital service providers, the artist hails his love for Nashville – a place he now calls home – as the inspiration for the record.

The title ‘Mabelle’ refers to the name of the apartment building he lived when he first made his move to Music City, as it was in that one-bedroom apartment that housed four friends on a pair of bunk-bed setups that he wrote his debut single ‘Woke Up In Nashville’. You can check out the hugely successful music video for that track below:

The song hit a peak of 45 on the US Country chart, and extended on that, reaching 42 on the US Country Airplay chart upon its release in 2016; a hugely impressive feat for a brand new artist and certainly one for somebody who played each and every instrument on the track himself, as well as singing the song.

He told tasteofcountry.com about the experience, saying: “I’ve always wanted to do that at some point in my career, I just didn’t think it was going to happen so early. Especially to be the first single. It ended up working out, and I got to play and sing everything on there. It gets to be the first thing I say to the world. I’m excited about it.”

The singer added of the song: “It’s really a song about anybody moving for any dream, not just necessarily Nashville and this whole music dream. That transition of moving away from home and leaving everything to go and try to chase this dream, then realising that the real dream is what you had. It’s been cool to see the feedback and that people are grabbing on to it and it means something to them.”

‘Woke Up In Nashville’ is just one of five tracks available on ‘Mabelle’, with the EP also including his latest single ‘Look At You’, written by Cory Crowder, David Hodges and David Ryan Harris.


Keep up-to-date with Seth on Twitter @SethEnnis, on Instagram @Seth_Ennis, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sethennis and on his official website, www.sethennis.com.

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