From Belgium, BOYCODE are a group now launching in the UK after taking both Asia and Europe by storm, scheduled to release their huge pop single 'After Juliet' on iTunes from May 1.



Hand selected from hundreds of potential candidates, the four chosen include Lennert, Matt, Greg and Timmy, and we've asked the guys to tell us and future fans a little more about themselves...


  1. His nickname in the band is 'Shorty'.
  2. When something is broken, Lennert's the first one to fix it, and is 'very handy with tools'.
  3. Before BOYCODE Lennert was a promising athlete, becoming regional champion of cycling in the youth category.
  4. Lennert makes the BOYCODE videos and vlogs - he's very driven in making visuals.
  5. He uses a lot, 'really a lot' of parfum every day - 'that's his addiction'.


  1. He loves to eat, with pancakes being his favourite food.
  2. He also loves to sleep...
  3. When hungover, Matt needs his 'Fristi' (milk drink with strawberry flavour).
  4. Matt loves girls with brown hair.
  5. As a late night snack, you can always make him 'smize' with some homemade spaghetti.


  1. He's addicted to sports and healthy food.
  2. In the band, his nickname is 'Curly', for obvious reasons!
  3. In the studio, Greg does a lot of production and studio work for BOYCODE.
  4. He studied animal care and 'loooooves' animals.
  5. When the band were set up, Greg wasn't a member of BOYCODE and instead came in the day after the band's conception.


  1. He's actually fake blonde.
  2. He's 'clumsy as hell', and always breaks something.
  3. He's very strict and organised, except in his bagpack.
  4. He has a love/hate relationship with band member Matt.
  5. Addicted to cans of tuna, he'll eat at least two cans a day.

Check out a performance from BOYCODE of forthcoming UK single 'After Juliet' below.

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