Following the release of their new single Good Time, we got British pop band Friends Like These to let us in on some facts all about them, which they'd like their fans, old and new, to know! Read on to find out what they had to say...

Friends Like These / Photo Credit: Marcus Maschwitz

Friends Like These / Photo Credit: Marcus Maschwitz

  1. Ali and Alex both have music degrees and David has a degree in Physics (Brian says David is almost a scientist).
  2. The band can usually be found in Zizzi’s when not rehearsing or writing, or anytime they’re away gigging.
  3. Getting hit in the head is a common theme for the members of FLT. As a child Alex was knocked out by a cannon at LEGOLAND, while Ali was hit in the head on two separate occasions by rogue golf balls.
  4. Friends Like These write, record, and produce all their music from Ali’s farm in his bedroom. Ali’s degree is in Music Production.
  5. Ali eats at least three bowls of cereal a day.
  6. For their first year working together, no one knew David’s name. They called him Ray, which he responded to.
  7. The band’s drummer Lowri’s collection of guitars is bigger than the rest of the band’s combined.
  8. Alex met Romanian royalty a few years ago while doing some music work.
  9. Brian loves nothing more than texting the band in the extremely early hours of the morning to wake them up.
  10. Lowri is hands down the best at Instagram stories.
  11. Ali’s Grandmother used to babysit Roger Taylor, the drummer and songwriter for Queen.
  12. Brian and Alex both have black belts in martial arts. Brian is a black belt in Karate and competed for England in the World Championships, and Alex has a black belt in Taekwon-Do.
  13. Brian has a penchant for My Chemical Romance, and Lowri is a huge John Mayer fan.
  14. Ali once had a space hopper thrown at his head on stage by a child (he was obviously not a fan).
  15. David is very practical often making and tinkering with things, usually while someone is recording.

Originally forming in 2015, Friends Like These started under the name Outlander, and would perform at every opportunity, with some of the them even attending university at the same time. What was once a four-piece group turned into a five-piece, when the group found their first female member Lowri.

Experimenting with their sound, the band have now established their direction and showcased it beautifully in their debut single Good Time. Hook-laden and instantly infectious, the tune is the perfect introduction to their style and flair, and should see them making their way up the Official Singles Chart before too long.

"When we went into the studio to write and record Good Time we had no set rules for what we wanted the song to be," says lead guitarist Alex Young. "We knew we were onto something good on the first day when we crashed the computer! The following day we had to start again but were all caught up within an hour - we could remember every single recorded part from the day before we were that happy with what we'd achieved!"

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