August 2015 and the summer is well and truly here, which for us music lovers means an exciting journey into fresh new melodic exploits as the Ibizian pilgrimage begins. My Italian heritage gives me a natural insight into the wonderous changes that seem to overcome us as those hot sultry nights push forward and the magic of the music takes over. Pressing heat and hot pumping music seem to go hand-in-hand, but Ibiza is the isle that's changed the music scene worldwide in more ways than any other of the Mediterranean haunts.

Stepping back almost a quarter of a century to the early 1980s, Ibiza was still almost undiscovered musically. At that time, party goes would enjoy a few beers chilling at the likes of Café Del Mare in the afternoon, then clubbing at E Paradis after dark. The scene was there, but not in the way that we know it today - that didn't happen until 1987, that's when a group of the UK's pioneering DJs (Trevor Fung, Paul Oakenfold etc) decided to hit a new club called, Amnesia.

Amnesia would open at 3am and party right through to midday; people would head there when the other clubs shut. Originally a disused farmhouse, Amnesia was furnished with just a few chairs and tables, but overtime it slowly grew to become a club that had housed 6-7 bars and half of those where rented out to different people.

The club was surrounded by large white washed walls and had an open-air dance floor with a large mirrored pyramid in the centre: the bars were dotted around the sides, as was plenty of cushioned seating for party goers to chill out on. A new drug, ecstacy, was added to this hypnotic mix and 'shoooom'... the party catapulted off the ground.

It wasn't long before the rest of the UK started to get involved and parties were

popping up everywhere, many of them being illegal raves set under railway arches, in disused factories and farm buildings. Many illegal raves were found around the London with ravers driving up and down the M25, known as the London Orbital, looking for Acid House parties and Warehouse Raves. (Yep, makes you think again about how the Orbital got it's name doesn't it).

Soon home-grown DJs and producers were turning out chart topping house records and clubs up and down the UK were having their own House nights. Northern cities like Sheffield and Manchester embraced the Acid House sound spawning their own super star local DJs, producers and nights. Hacienda was to Manchester what Shoom, Spectrum and The Trip were to London. The UK had gone House crazy.

Ibiza and London were ignited with the euphoric charm of this whole new musical movement. But don't forget where it all started. On that small Mediterranean isle, with the oppressive heat and body trembling beat of the music. Summer is where music comes alive - enjoy!

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