Glastonbury Festival 2016 may have come to an end, but after a weekend of incredible performances from some of the most respected artists in the world, a new study by Amazon Music has found that sales in the UK for those same artists have now gone through the roof.

Adele / Credit: Simon Emmett

Adele / Credit: Simon Emmett

Friday night's headliners Muse for example, saw a 2056% week-on-week increase in their sales on Saturday (June 25) following their set, with sales continuing on into Sunday (June 26) and a further 1114% increase in CD and vinyl sales.

Madness filled the Saturday daytime slot, and a same day increase came for the group on Amazon by 2375%.

Though most people in the world hold at least one copy of every Adele album, her headline performance saw a next day increase of 1009%, and Sunday's daytime performer ELO saw a massive 3567% increase in same day sales.

Further noticeable increases came in the form of Mercury Rev (next day increase of 6600%), ZZ Top (next day increase of 2000%), Chvrches (next day increase of 1554%) and Disclosure (next day increase of 1433%).

Meanwhile, it's been reported that Adele was warned by the BBC to tone down her language during her Glastonbury set, as it was being broadcast live to millions watching from home on BBC Two.

Despite the caution, the singer still swore a whopping 33 times throughout the 15-song set, receiving a mixed reaction on social media. Though there was some negativity, most fans and viewers praised the artist for still being relatable and down-to-earth following her success across the globe.

There should be no cause for complaints, as the set didn't kick off until 10.15pm. Adele managed to draw in a peak audience of 3.7 million.

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