Heather Peace

Actress and singer Heather Peace has returned with her new single 'We Can Change', which she calls her "big gay anthem".

"It's full of horns, funky bass and my favourite backing vocals. It's for every kid that has ever messaged me on social media to say they are being bullied and it's a message to anyone that opposes equal rights for LGBT people." she says.

Explaining the concept further she said: "It's basically saying, stop pointing out the differences and we can actually change the world for the better. Oh and the line "This is just a part of me, it's not the whole of me" is really just a dig at those editors that feel like they have to write "LESBIAN actress" or "LESBIAN musician" as the tag line to interviews I do. Just "actress" or "musician" is fine. I've been playing piano longer than I've been kissing girls and my wife says I'm much better at the piano!"

The single - which you can hear below - is to be released officially on June 9, the same date as her new album 'The Thin Line'.

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