Tonight, Female First can exclusively bring to you the brand new music video for 'South Facing' from Hope and Social. Videographer Nicola Hepp worked on the piece, (and tonight also took home the Best Experimental Award at Underexposed Film Festival yc!), which you'll be able to see above in all its glory for the first time ever!

Taken from the group's fifth studio album 'Feel', the group will be hoping to replicate their past successes eight years into their career.

The past few years have seen the group turn their studio into a Bistro for 70 fans, host a boutique garden party and perform their material for acclaimed theatre piece Bring the Happy.

They also in 2014 took part in their Yorkshire Festival project 'The Tour of Infinite Possibility', performing 12 gigs over four days.

Hope and Social's new album 'FEEL' is available to buy now.

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