Dan, Craig, Sol and Vanessa, collectively known as Starling are gearing up for their single release later this year, and it's a unique tune that refuses to let up from the outset.

The group said: "We all discovered our passion for music as children, and grew up playing, writing and performing in many different areas. The magical thing that happened in Starling was that when we met as people we didn't have to play a note to realise that we could make some great stuff together. Finding people that you can really gel with and spend a lot of time with is very rare.


"What's even more scarce is finding those people who you can also create with. Our band is based on relationships first, as you can't do anything without the right people. This foundation of friendship and family gives us the passion and the freedom to create together."

Creating the record wasn't something that immediately came together though, and is instead the product of hard work, determination and perfection.

"In making the 'Dream Again' record, we spent many months in the studio finding the right ways to present the songs, some of those songs are unrecognisable from their beginnings but that's what makes it fun. We always like to include some big strings in our music and that's an important facet of our sound. This comes from the constant desire to make everything sound 'bigger' and strings also help provide some some of the 'anthemic' side of our sound."

And now, looking forward the group are setting their sights on some big ambitions.

"In the future, aside from world peace, we would like to do a sell-out headline tour of our own and share some great moments with our fans. We'd also like to make more records as we love making music, it's the most normal thing for us to do."

Starling's single 'Dream Again' is available from September 8, with the album of the same name following later in the year.

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