Currently supporting Little Mix on their UK Get Weird tour, JAGMAC are allowing themselves to be heard by audiences all around the nation and have also recently dropped new music video for their single 'So Good', available on iTunes.



We managed to get some time with the group in the midst of their packed schedule to find out just what are some of their favourite anthems they'll be playing this summer.

CJ: "Is it too bias to pick 'So Good'? Hopefully 'So Good' by us! Also, DJ Snake, I think the track's called 'Middle'.

Alyssa: I really like 'Youth' by Troye Sivan.

Gabriel: Little Mix 'Secret Love Song', that's a smash. That's incredible. I also really like 'Work From Home' by Fifth Harmony. All these girl bands, they get to me!

Manjo: I really like 'Work From Home' too. There's a group back home I like, The Mowgli's and their track, 'Summer Time'.

Jared: I like The Vamps 'Kung Fu Fighting' - they've redone it and I think it's amazing. I love it. Also Nathan Sykes' 'Over And Over Again'.

Angelicique: The Vamps are a pretty good summer band. The 1975's 'The Sound', I love that song. I hope to see them in the summer!

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