With her gorgeous festive EP 'December Daze' out now, singer/songwriter Janet Devlin is the artist who caught the public's attention during the eighth series of The X Factor, with her quirky and unique voice and styling.

Now she's back with her Christmas-themed new EP 'December Daze', and she says of the title track: "I wrote this song in New York... It was a truly inspiring time to write a Christmas song as I'd gone for a walk in Central Park and it was covered in snow reminding me of all the classic Christmas films that had been made there.

"Back in my hotel I sat on the 36th floor with my guitar player and the view of Times Square, watching people with their woolly hats and oversized coats... Within these moments 'December Daze' was born..."

We got Janet to share a little more with us, and asked her to come up with 15 things she'd love all of her fans to know about her. Read on to find out what she came up with.

  1. If I were born a boy, my parents were going to call me Edwin. Sounds innocent enough until you actually say the name 'Edwin Devlin' out loud...
  2. I'm actually 5'7", however people tend to assume that I'm going to be around 5ft. It definitely surprises a few people when they meet me, especially if I'm wearing my favourite heels because they make me 6ft tall.
  3. My brother Aaron and I always rig Secret Santa every year so that we get each other. It's because he's my best friend and it makes gift buying so much easier for the two of us!
  4. I've a slight obsession with anything unicorn-related or mystical; hence my love for things like Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter.
  5. I can't stand the sound of chewing. I have to put headphones in, leave the room or put the television on when someone's eating. Even when I eat I have to have something on to distract me from the sound.
  6. I'm the one who decorates the house when it's Christmas time. Even if I'm not home until late December, my family always leave the tree undecorated until I get back.
  7. I haven't drunk milk since I got chicken pox when I was two.
  8. I went to an all-Irish speaking school until I was eight.
  9. The first time my brother or I hear 'Fairytale of New York' played on either the television or radio, we have to call each other to say we heard it. To us this is the sign that it's officially Christmas.
  10. I was born early because I wasn't moving/kicking enough. Lazy from womb to tomb I guess!
  11. I've grown up with more nicknames than I can possibly remember. A few examples being: Face, Kermit, Pookie, Derrick, JD, Dezza and Harry.
  12. I have these really old Christmas tree decorations that I won't throw out. They're little gold glitter reindeer and even though they're really worn, they remind me of Christmas when I was a child so they'll always be on my tree.
  13. I'm a sucker for random facts. When recording my first album the producers and I would turn up with a different fact every day and share it before we started any recording. Here's one; polar bears have black skin and hollow fur!
  14. I don't think I've cooked a hearty meal for myself in years. I live on a diet of microwave meals and sandwiches... don't tell my mother though, I think she'd have a heart attack from the lack of potatoes in my diet!
  15. I'm a sucker for cheesy romance novels and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's the closest thing I get to being in a relationship as I've been single for over three years! (laughs) You'll find my head in The Notebook unashamedly crying my eyes out in public.

Janet's new EP 'December Daze' is officially out now - check out the music video for the title track below.

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