Singer, songwriter and actress, K-Syran, unveils her song 'Intimacy' which is 'for women, about women' and has been chosen as the soundtrack for this year's International Women's Day

Check back for an exclusive performance on March 8

Check back for an exclusive performance on March 8

Being a woman, wife and mother, I know how hard it is for women in the modern world to get an even, happy balance in life. Finding time to be 'yourself' is the hardest challenge and we often lose ourselves as we juggle to get that balance right. But imagine how life must be right now for all the women caught in war zones, battling to keep their families and babies safe, struggling to put food on the table and being forced to take that decision to stay or flee from your home.

These are the problems we hear about. But what about the hidden life of women that we don't see - those trafficked, kept as slaves and sexually exploited. The levels of endurance that women today have to face are enormous. That's why International Women's Day is so important to the development of our world. This day has been observed since the early 1900s - it isn't 'owned' by any single government or political body, it's the world that freely comes together to shout for change. International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

No one person can make global change, but we have to start somewhere. So when my four children reached a certain age, I began to think, 'what next, what about ME'. That's when I truly opened my eyes and looked around at the plight of other women around me. I quickly realised that EVERY woman fights her own mini battle every day and I wanted to do something to help. I began channeling my creativity into playwriting and song, finding ways

beyond political boundaries to reach out to women across the world. It was when one of those plays 'Breaking The Silence' was nominated for 'Best Play' at the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict organised by Angelina Jolie and William Hague, that I knew my voice was being heard. I'm now on a mission to take that play to as many countries as possible, adapting it in language and tone so that it's easily digestible by varying cultures.

However, SONG is what resonates with us all. We all feel an inner comfort and joy when melody enters our souls. We can sing together or privately alone, song can strengthen and fulfill women no matter what their personal situation is. So I wrote 'Intimacy' as a song 'for women and about women'. It's the lead track from my album, 'Smoke In My Veins', which was released in Autumn 2015. I wrote 'Intimacy' after reading a book about a sensual and beautiful middle-aged woman. The song is a celebration of womanhood, a call to women to celebrate their femininity, irrelevant of age or looks. I'm encouraging every woman and girl to recognise the beauty within and use that to strengthen and empower themselves this International Women's Day.

We're a world at war and whilst men are seen as our front-line fighters, women are often the greater victims of conflict, with abuse, rape and servitude constantly inflicted on the women caught up within war situations. We need to unite as a global force to give confidence and empowerment to women everywhere this International Women's Day. The power and joy of song has the ability to comfort and inspire each individual, whatever their situation may be, which is why I've given my song 'Intimacy' as a gift to every woman on March 8 2016.

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