UK singer/songwriter, Kerry Goodhind, was snapped-up by BBC Introducing in 2016 and life became a wonderful whirlwind of TV, radio, live gigs and a new label signing since that moment. Now, Kerry unleashes her official debut single, ‘The Shallow’, which unwraps the traits of those superficial folk who by-pass love in favour of fortune. Kerry Goodhind now exclusively tells Female First what she considers to be the top 5 most shallow traits.

Kerry Goodhind writes for Female First ahead of her debut single's release

Kerry Goodhind writes for Female First ahead of her debut single's release

Top 5 traits of a Shallow-ling

1. Narcissistic Madness: Shallow people tend to be very Narcissistic. It’s important to put our own well being first when we need to, but the honed Narcissist only lives for everything that is about THEM. From the way the look, to the stories they tell and the people they encounter in their lives, they display qualities of selfishness, dishonesty and spite to cause a drama, either in their own lives or in other people’s. They live to be the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons. For them it’s all about “me me me” and no-one else’s thoughts or feelings matter to them whatsoever.

2. The Superficial Surface: From my experience ‘the shallow-lings’ only care about what’s on the surface (usually visual features that are pleasing to their eye). They never look at the deeper feelings or motives of another person, everything is completely superficial making the “Shallow” individual an unhappy one, projecting all of their unhappiness and insecurities onto how they see and rank other individuals around them.

3. Ageing Angst: Aging seems to affect a shallow person more intensely. So much so, that they’ll do everything in their power to stay looking as young and as glamorous as possible. Fake Hair, fake body parts, fake tan, fake nails, fake teeth, fake fake fake…. are all signs of a shallow person .As a shallow-ling is affected by the Visual signs of ageing more intensely than others, they tend to gravitate to an attitude that sees them only taking notice of how others look. If other individuals don’t live up to their visual desires, then a shallow person will tend to disregard that person; branding them as not worthy of their time, or seeing them as a lower class citizen than they are in society.

4. Money measurement: Shallow-lings tend to measure love by wealth. Their love is judged by holidays, cars, brand of champagne, what diamonds they wear, what presents they give to people and how much they are worth. More importantly, to the shallow individual, they’ll measure their love for that person by what they personally receive from them and it’s material worth. The higher the material worth, the more the shallow-ling will love the person they receive the gift from.

It’s all about the materialistic treasures in life, not what the person they receive them from is like, not the giver’s personality. There are no deeper characteristics assessed here, just material worth.

5. Broken moral compass: A shallow-ling would step over their own dying grandmother to get what they wanted. They have no “moral compass” and will pull any trick in the book to get what or where they want from a situation, no matter who they hurt, deceive or lie to in the process. They have one end goal and they will stop at no measures to achieve it, usually for their own gratification and gains.


Kerry's debut single The Shallow is released on Right Track Records on September 21.

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