Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was "very serious" about his art.

According to his former Nirvana band mate Pat Smear, the late rocker - who committed suicide in April 1994 - was "fun" but focused on his music.

He told the Independent Radar magazine: "Kurt was fun, he was funny, very specific about what he wanted and very serious about his music. I would say he hated fame, but he loved success."

Meanwhile Pat has revealed he struggled following the death of the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' singer and he only stopped being a "hermit" and went back to making music because of the Foo Fighters, fronted by Nirvana's drummer Dave Grohl.

He explained: "Kurt passed on and my life went back to how it was [before I joined the band]. I went inward and was a hermit for a while.

"I didn't play at all until Dave came by - he was in LA - and dropped off a tape. It was the Foo Fighters album. It was the first thing that got me interested in music again."

And while Dave reinvigorated Pat's love for music, it was the grunge icons that gave him his passion in the first place, at time he was becoming "sick of it".

He added: "At the time I was working at a punk rock record store, not really thinking about playing music - I was kind of bored and sick of it and then [Nirvana] came along. It was all such a whirlwind, and only from August [1993] to April."

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