Leee John is somebody who most people have heard the brilliant talents of, whether it be because of his solo material or work with Imagination. As one of the biggest pioneers of British black music, the artist explored the deep soul of 1970s America despite being largely ignored by the press at the time. Though exclusion would be a major setback for musicians of colour at the time, it did make the performers more of an enigma to the listening public and when they first got heard Leee’s infectious sound, they were instantly hooked.

Leee John returns...

Leee John returns...

To this day, Leee has been a tireless worker not only in the world of music, but with charity, film-making, within the world of television and more. First and foremost, however, he’s a musician and now, he returns with new single ‘Make Your Mind Up’.

Arguably sounding better than ever before, Leee’s trademark soaring falsetto remains one of his greatest assets, and something that fans can revisit on his new EP ‘Retropia Part 2 with songs taken from the album ‘Retropia’. The lead track is called ‘Make Your Mind Up’.

Celebrating his career, looking back on some of his greatest accomplishments and also looking ahead to what is right around the corner, we got the chance to catch up with Leee John. In the chat, he opened up about 15 things he wants his fans to know that he thinks they may not already know!

  1. My full name is Leslie McGregor Kermichael John – plus confirmation names and first communion names Joseph and Mark – henceforth Leee John.
  2. I love animals and have a cat named Peri, after Laurent Perrier Champagne.
  3. Once I was given a broach heirloom by Princess Caroline, which belonged to Princess Grace of Monaco (worth a lot!). I asked for everyone to take something off while doing ‘Body Talk’ and she gave it to me. Afterwards, a security man came to my bedroom politely asking for it back.
  4. I lived five years of my youth in New York.
  5. My parents are from St Lucia in the Caribbean.
  6. My best friend Leroy Logan who was in police force brought the attention of the Stephen Lawrence case to the media, as well as the wrongfulness of the crime.
  7. I was invited to the home of Nelson Mandela by his daughter Zindsi; a friend and Winnie Mandela cooked for me.
  8. I once sang to Marvin Gaye.
  9. I’m a patron for SOS Children’s Orphans.
  10. I like to take the train and love Eurostar.
  11. I was signed to EMI Records at 15-years-old.
  12. Before ‘Body Talk’ there was another song that was going to be the single ‘Got To Be Good’, produced by Trevor Horn (who produced Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Grace Jones, Yes, Buggles – which he was in – to name just a few.)
  13. I was one of the first black performers to have his own chat show in the late 80s and early 90s; Leee’s Place on the Nite Network channel on LWT.
  14. The only reason ‘Imagination feat. Leee John’ got onto Top Of The Pops was because another band couldn’t do it.
  15. In the 1980s, ‘Imagination’ broke box office records at the Dominion Theatre, London. I was twice playing eight shows in one week, including a matinee on two separate weeks.

‘Retropia Part 2’ the 3 track EP is  available from iTunes. ‘Retropia’ the full album, available now from iTunes and AmazonIn addition: a very special limited vinyl edition of “ Retropia ” will be available week of the 16th October.

You can also see Imagination featuring Leee John on tour throughout 2017 and 2018 at the following dates:

  • October 19 – Wembley Arena, Children in Need Rocks
  • November 15 – KOKO London, BBC Children in Need
  • December 1 – Wolverhampton Race Course
  • December 7 – Royal Albert Hall, Xmas with Sky Arts TV
  • December 15 – 229 The Venue, London
  • March 1 – Newcastle City Hall
  • March 2 – The Barbican, York
  • March 4 – Echo Arena, Liverpool
  • March 7 – Stockport Plaza, Stockport
  • March 8 – Grimsby Auditorium, Grimsby
  • March 9 – Venue Cymru, Llandudno, Wales
  • March 10 – North Pier, Blackpool
  • March 11 – Kendall Leisure Centre, Cumbria
  • March 12 – City Hall, Sheffield
  • March 13 – City Hall, Hull
  • March 14 – Guild Hall, Preston
  • March 16 – Parr Hall, Warrington
  • March 17 – Albert Hall, Nottingham
  • March 18 – The London Palladium

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