Though the words are mostly hard to decipher, the video above is made up solely of Disney songs that have been clipped, cut and altered by Australian artist Pogo to form a remixed and mesmerising Disney tune like no other.

Calling the song 'Forget', Pogo AKA Nick Bertke is a man who specialises in unique remixes and this is one of his works that is now going viral online.

Other mixes he's created include 'Psycho Soup' made up of noises from the Borderlands games franchise, and the 'Hermione Mix' which uses clips of Emma Watson as Harry Potter's close friend Hermione Granger.

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Pogo has nearly 410,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and is closing in on 115,000,000 views total - you can find him on the video sharing website at (we're not sure about that username either).

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