Forget doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles, these are a few of Radio X DJ Lliana Bird's favourite things which she'd love to share exclusively with Female First readers.

Lliana Bird

Lliana Bird


  1. Hampstead Heath - The perfect remedy to a hectic London lifestyle - picnics, dogs, and swimming in the ponds in summer, long snowy walks and sledging down hills in the winter.
  2. South of France - My Dad lives in a little medieval village up in the hills in the South of France. There's really nothing much better than sitting in a tiny picturesque square, watching old men playing boules, whilst quaffing red wine and shoving cheese into your face. The French have got it just about right.
  3. Costa Rica - Monkeys and sloths literally came into our little house in the jungle, I pretended I was Mowgli and tried to make friends with them. One monkey did poo on me, so I reckon that's a sign we had something pretty special.


  1. The Secret History, by Donna Tart - I read this about five times whilst I was at school and got a bit obsessed with it. Murder and classical literature are also a winning combo.
  2. Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It - I love Mae West's autobiography because she speaks of another time, when performers had to really learn their craft on the Vaudeville stage. It's kind of the X Factor antithesis. She also writes just how she speaks, with that unique rhythm of hers. She was a pretty powerful woman. My favourite quote from the book is when she says, "In my whole life I've never envied anyone, I was too busy thinking about myself".
  3. A Cricket In Times Square - A magical little book from the 60s. When you're about six years old there isn't much better than a story about a cricket, a mouse and a cat exploring New York City.


  1. Breakfast At Tiffany's - It's an obvious one I know, but I always wanted to be Audrey Hepburn, sitting on a windowsill and singing 'Moon River'. It didn't even matter that I found out much later that Holly Golighty was actually supposed to be a kind of high class escort, to me she's still the epitome of class, grace and elegance.
  2. The Court Jester - Some people don't even know who Danny Kaye is and it's a real shame. He's one of the greatest comedy masters of the last 100 years, and this is his best work. Basil Rathbone is an extra touch, too.
  3. Hoppity - Maybe I had a thing about grasshoppers when I was a kid because me and my sister used to watch this on repeat. It's the story of a grasshopper who has to save all the other insects from human invasion, and an evil dung beetle.


  1. Syd Barrett - 'Effervescing Elephant' - It's lyricial poetry, with the most simple yet beautiful melody.
  2. Camille Saens-Saint - 'Carnival of the Animals' - I played the tortoise in a production of this when I was a kid. It's so imaginative! Who else writes classical music that sounds like donkeys, swans and fishies?
  3. Tame Impala - 'Desire Be Desire Go' - I went to see them about six years ago in the Lexington and fell in love. They're flying the flag for 21st century psychedelia, and I'm so glad they're now getting as big as they deserve to be.

Make-up products:

  1. Benefit Eyebrow Kits - Perfect way to frame your face with nice, even eyebrows.
  2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - Nice and light, I don't like anything too heavy on my skin.
  3. Smash Box - Black Liquid Eyeliner - A 60s cat eye is my one essential!

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