Originally from Belgium, Boycode are a group that already have legions of fans all over Europe and Asia, but now they're coming to the UK with the launch of huge pop single 'After Juliet', coming to iTunes on May 1.



Selected out of hundreds of candidates, the four are Lennert, Matt, Greg and Timmy, all of whom filmed the visuals for their debut UK single on the sunny Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Greg says: "The single 'After Juliet' is about that special girl that everyone has in their heart, your first crush where you fall deeply in love and can't see life 'after' her... Everyone has a 'Juliet'."

Speaking about their EP, Lennert adds: "Our new EP is all about our experiences and feelings over the last three years. The songs are all so different, but most of them are love songs, very pure, telling a story of our personal experiences about the ups and downs in life. We have put every piece of our heart into it."

Inspired by Dan Muckala, Kipp Williams and Ryan Tedder, the EP was recorded in America, and Timmy says: "It's an amazing feeling when such a big producer gives you the nod and seal of approval."

"We have done so many amazing things with Boycode in such a small amount of time," comments Matt. "We have travelled the world, worked with multi-platinum producers and performed in front of tens of thousands of fans."

There are big plans for the group, and CEO of Straight Forward Music Dani Stephenson says to "watch this space".

She continues: "We are extremely excited to be working with Boycode. The young, charismatic, cheeky chappy lads are very talented. I'm sure teenage girls will be screaming for more after the release of their pop single 'After Juliet'.

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