Micah Wilshire is without a doubt an incredibly talented artist and musician. This week, he’s releasing the official music video for his new single Woman, and what better way to do it than exclusively through Female First on International Women’s Day?! You can check out the gorgeous piece below, as well as a quick chat with Micah himself, delving into his inspirations, goals, favourite female artists and much more!


For those people who haven’t yet heard your music, how best would you describe yourself as an artist?

I’m a pop songwriter who plays jazz/blues guitar and loves classic soul singers like Al Green. If you put all of those in a blender, that would best describe my sound.

Why is music and sharing your work with the world so important to you?

I’ve been helping people accomplish their musical dreams as a producer/writer, and singing background vocals for other artists for my entire professional career (which I love). I’m finally identifying myself as a singer and an artist in my own right, which is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Can you tell us a little bit about the creative process behind your new single Woman?

I was inspired by the woman I love to write a song about how amazing I think she is. So I sat down with a guitar, put up a microphone and just started singing and playing. Most of it sort of wrote itself, which is how some of my favourite songs were written.

What are the signs all about that we see throughout the music video?

Even though this song was written about one woman, I realised there was something universal I could say through the video. The concept was to ask real women to choose a word that represents what being a woman means to them, which was an incredible experience. I think it’s incredibly important to give people the chance to define themselves as they are, even in a small way.

How was the experience of filming the music video for the track?

I wanted to keep my performance section of the video simple, so that the focus would be on the women and the one word stories they were holding up.

How important is it to celebrate women both in the music industry and the wider world in today’s current political climate?

Not only is it important, it’s absolutely a necessity to celebrate women and the fact that the world would not turn without them. It is our responsibility to celebrate, support, and encourage each other and I’m so glad that women’s issues finally have such a prominent platform.

Who are some of your favourite female artists and why?

Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn are the pinnacles of vocal ability, still to this day. Joni Mitchell for her writing gift and ability to say exactly what’s on her mind. As far as jazz goes, Diana Krall and Esperanza Spalding are incredible artists that set the bar high.

Woman is from upcoming EP Manifesto; what should we expect from that collection?

It’s called Manifesto because it’s a manifestation of my truest musical thoughts and influences. It was written and recorded from a songwriting point-of-view, so the focus of the album is on the quality of the songs themselves. Hopefully, they will move people. After all that’s what music is for.

What was it like working with the likes of John Patitucci and Willie Weeks on the EP?

It was a dream come true and an honour to work with one of the best jazz players of all time [Patitucci]. He was incredibly gracious and supportive of the project and the songs. I got to spend a day in the studio with Willie in Nashville, which was an amazing experience. He has a musical knowledge and swagger that is hard to find these days.

Where do you draw influence and inspiration from for your work?

My father is a jazz guitarist and I grew up in a very musical home, listening to everything from Miles Davis to The Beatles. I’ve always been a fan of great songs, great players, and great singers.

Finally, aside from the EP what should we expect from you in the coming months?

My focus will be playing these songs live, and continuing to find homes for my songs in the TV and film world. That should keep me pretty busy for a while.