With the release of his new single ‘Disgrace Face’ – something which happens when you’re in a situation you shouldn’t be in – we got to have a quick exclusive chat with Nick Capaldi about his own personal ‘disgrace faces’ and situations, finding out a little more about the man behind the talented artist…

Nick Capaldi / Credit: Peter Morphew

Nick Capaldi / Credit: Peter Morphew

5. Dancing

“I don’t dance. It’s a strict rule of cool. But I once ended up in a nightclub and was intoxicated enough to think it was a great idea to hit the dancefloor by myself. The decision was helped along mightily by the fact that the smoke machine had broken and was billowing out bucket loads of white clouds; a perfect place for me to hide while dancing. However, the smoke suddenly cleared and I saw myself in the mirrored wall. Horrified and embarrassed, I left.”

4. Cycling

“I lived in Cambridge for a short while. 99% of vehicles seemed to be bicycles. It’s like Amsterdam. Coming from a small town in the countryside, I wasn’t used to this. My clumsy footing wasn’t the best in trying to avoid a tyre up my backside, so I swiftly moved back to the country.”

3. Disney

“While in Disney Land only a few years ago, I decided to wander around by myself for a bit. I joined a promising looking queue, not knowing what it was for. After 30 minutes of queuing, I caught sight of the front of the line and also the destination; it was to sit on Mickey Mouse’s knee for a photo. In a panic, I decided to pretend I had a younger sister who had disappeared and swiftly left to search for the non-existing sibling.”

2. Metal

“I was booked to play at a music night in London with three other bands. I don’t think the promoter checked the type of music I play. I ended up on stage right in the middle of a screaming metal night. I uncomfortably got through my set. Two people seemed to enjoy my songs. I made a swift getaway to more familiar surroundings of Camden Town.”

1. Pet Pooch

“I have four dogs, one of whom I’m sure has the waggiest tail in the world. Upon hearing of a dog competition, I decided to enter Lola for that golden ‘waggiest tail’ prize. However, when we arrived she was overwhelmed at how many dogs there were to bark at and slipped out of her harness. After chasing her through the crowd as she went on a ‘barkiest dog’ rampage, I finally scooped her up and was asked to leave. I think I’ll just appreciate my pet’s quirky characteristics at home from now on.”


Nick Capaldi officially releases new single ‘Disgrace Face’ on March 10, on Grinning Dog Records and distributed by Right Track/Universal Music Operations. New album ‘Neon Heart’ follows on May 19, 2017.

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