In a new interview with NY Post, Nick Jonas has opened up about his music and personal life, including getting "Jealous" when in a relationship.

Nick Jonas performing last year

Nick Jonas performing last year

"I think earlier on in my relationship, there were times where I would get jealous," the singer and actor explains.

He adds: "I think with time and trust built up, a lot of that went away. We have a really strong relationship now. It takes a second until you feel really locked in with someone."

Growing up with a pastor father and wearing a purity ring in his younger life, Nick admits that his sexuality "happened for me over time."

"Sex is part of a healthy life, so I have tried to be, in my transition into adulthood, as honest with myself as possible with sex and sexuality and what it means to me, so I can try to be as healthful as I can.", says the man who once made his hotel bed each morning for fear that his good-boy image would be shattered.

Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas / Credit: WireImage
Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas / Credit: WireImage

Nick went on to admit that he instigated the split of his family group the Jonas Brothers, consisting of he and older brothers Kevin and Joe, who parted ways last October.

"There was a bit of shock when I first said it was time for us to close that chapter. But after we opened up the conversation, there was a real understanding of all the points I was making, and they agreed that it was no longer right."

Despite this, the brothers all still have one anothers backs.

"We genuinely like to see each other succeed," he says. "If the individual pieces of what was a group situation win, then we all win. It shows that we're hard workers and cut from the same cloth. People recognize that. I'm excited to see what happens with them."

Now Nick's relishing in the success of his solo album and enjoying the perks of being fame as a solo artist.

"I look back on the craziness with the Brothers and think about the things that I was stressing about. Multiple trips to the White House performing for Presidents, being nominated for Grammys... But this go-round, I told myself to have fun, to enjoy it, and find a way to take a step back and take in each moment."

He also implores fans to have sex whilst listening to his music, but would never get it on with girlfriend Olivia Culpo to his own music: "No, absolutely not, you can't do that! That'd be so uncomfortable." Turns out he prefers James Blake and Jessie Ware to set the mood.

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