Being an up-and-coming artist is one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences that I think a human being can have. It's a rollercoaster ride that takes guts and determination, and a will of steel as friends often try to persuade you that a 'regular' day job would be so much easier. But 'easy' isn't an option when determination has it's claws firmly gripping you; and trust me, as time whizzes on, this roller-coaster ride begins to have a lot more 'ups' than 'downs'.

Nina Schofield celebrates her No 1 hit

Nina Schofield celebrates her No 1 hit

2016 has been nothing but melodic 'ups' for me so far, but hitting my first ever No1 is probably the most ecstatic feeling that I could ever have imagined. I wanted to describe that feeling so that all you Female First readers who are working towards a life in the music industry can see that, if you keep working at your passion, there will be a sparkling light at the end of the tunnel.

My journey with Vintage & Morelli began a year ago when Silk Music introduced us over Skype. Marko (Vintage & Morelli's offstage name) and I hit it off straight away and when he sent me some of his music I was blown away. He asked if I wanted to write together for his debut album and I immediately jumped at the chance. What we created ended up being, 'We Are Future' and 'Prologue'. I can't explain how exciting it was to have created these songs in so little time over the internet. With 'We Are Future', Marko sent me the backing track and we spoke about his vision, which I understood straight away. I was so inspired that I wrote my initial melody and lyrical ideas at once and Marko loved it! Sometimes when I write with other people, the musical chemistry takes a while to kick in, but sometimes the magic develops really easily and this was definitely one of those times. Then Marko sent me this beautiful poem which ended up being 'Prologue', the opening track on the whole album and my first ever opportunity to add spoken vocals to emotive music instead of singing!

I couldn't be happier with the success of this new record. The album 'My Rose Enchanted Destiny' was released a week ago and it looks like all the fun and hard work has paid off as it continues to climb the charts all over the world. Scoring a number 1 in Slovakia was just the tip of the iceberg, suddenly the album was 22 in the USA dance charts, 18 in Canada, and blowing up on Beatport; one of the world's biggest dance charts, landing a coveted spot at number 1 on the Chillout sounds and number 22 in the world. This album has taken on a life of its own and I have no idea what the future will hold for it, but I know that I'm really proud to have been a part of it and so thankful to Silk Music and Vintage & Morelli for making me a part of their musical family. It's also been a fantastic prelude to my own debut album which will be released in July - something I'm equally as proud to have created!

So, music makers across the world, keep writing, keep singing and keep giving the joy of music - because one day that joy that you gave to all those thousands of people will come gushing back to you in one massive hit. It's incredible. Plus, for those of you who just love great music, check out the sound that's making me so so happy right now - enjoy!

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