One Direction

One Direction

One Direction and The Wanted are back at each other's throats on Twitter, with band mates from both sides throwing sniping comments at each other on the social networking website.

After Louis Tomlinson decided to joke about Jake Bugg and The Wanted at their recent concert, Tom Parker asked him why they keep making reference to the band, to which Tomlinson decided to post an interview in which Parker talked about his terrible time with The X Factor.

Following on from that, we got a slanging match between the two, one in which neither party came out clean from the mudslinging. It wasn’t just between the two of them either, with fellow One Direction and The Wanted members Liam Payne and Jay McGuinness joining in too.

Reading through the transcripts, the only thing that really shines through is how utterly pathetic this is. Let’s be honest here, neither of the two bands are really special musically and neither will be giving The Beatles a run for their money any time soon. Without the might of Cowell behind them, One Direction wouldn’t even exist, let alone have the success they have found.

It doesn’t matter who started the scrap between the two, this continued idiotic and pointless rivalry doesn’t make either of them into big, hard men. It just makes both groups look like petty children sniping at each other over the internet and equating ‘followers’ to personal worth.

Compare this to three years ago when the two sets of lads seemed to get on like a house of fire, and the state of play now really is a brilliant example of two groups of people seemingly letting fame get to their heads.

This is a stupid little feud between the two groups that will only lead to countless teens bickering online over which one of the two is right. Here’s a hint, it’s neither of them.

The One Direction lads in particular have an army of followers, so for the love of whichever deity you pray to, stop acting like little brats online, show some decorum and set an example for your impressionable audience.

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