Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne’s rock star status could help boost UK’s economy

Ozzy Osbourne could help boost the UK’s economy after £2 billion was spent by music tourists last year.

The Black Sabbath front man could be positioned as a “music ambassador” as part of government-backed reports which suggest cities across Britain should exploit their rock heritage to attract more visitors

Ozzy would fly the flag for his home town of Birmingham, as the report advised the council to “establish a music ambassador" along with "a plaque scheme to celebrate musical achievement, a permanent hard rock exhibition and a music digital archive" , to commemorate the rock and fellow ‘brum’ stars UB40.

Shaun Ryder and his Happy Mondays has had on Manchester’s economy

The 63-year-old could be a fitting candidate for the role, after reports by UK Music and VisitBritain found the West Midlands had attracted over 80o,000 music tourists last year contributing to a total spend of £1.3 billion on tickets and transport alone.

Birmingham would follow in the footsteps of Liverpool, which prides itself on the musical legacy left by The Beatles.

Meanwhile, Arctic Monkey’s front man Alex Turner would be a potential ambassador for Sheffield, while the report praises the impact Shaun Ryder and his Happy Mondays has had on Manchester’s economy.

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