Leo Napier recently emerged from the New York electronic music scene after sculpting and honing his craft using influences such as Ray Charles, Bruno Mars and Aretha Franklin.

Leo Napier

Leo Napier

Stitching traditional sounds with modern production and lyrics, Napier is now back with his debut single 'Dime', along with some extremely unique visuals in a music video released mid-October.

In the video (directed by Dan Blake), we meet one of London's anonymous artists, seven foot tall Pandemonia. Wearing latex and taking viewers by surprise upon first glance, you can get to know Pandemonia a little more below in our new and exclusive interview:

As the pursuit of the 'perfect woman' is constantly growing, evolving and changing in modern society, Napier looked at the concept and began to collaborate with Pandemonia - the personification of celebrity and idealised femininity. As an archetype of mythological expectations and what we really have in reality, the notion that lies behind the video is something we should all be reflective of.

'Dime' is out now. Keep up-to-date with Leo Napier on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LeoNapierMusic, on Instagram @LeoNapierMusic and on SoundCloud at www.soundcloud.com/leonapier.

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