Paramore unveiled their latest track ‘Still Into You’ yesterday and after listening to both it and their latest single ‘Now’ it’s clear to see that while Paramore are back, it’s not the same band that we used to know.

Still Into You sees the band go even further down the pop road that they’ve always been more than a little familiar with, sounding more like a rockier Katy Perry or Taylor Swift song than the spiky and more rambunctious music of their past.

The band has admitted that they suffered from writer’s block with Hayley Williams having told MTV that this album “was this whole rediscovery of who we are as people, as artists, as a collective unit. It really taught us a lot about ourselves as a band, and that was so fun."

This is the first time they’ve recorded without either of the Farro brothers present, and the impact of their leaving can definitely be felt, with both ‘Now’ and their latest song feeling much lighter and airy than what we’ve come to expect from the band.

While we’ll have to wait for their self-titled album to figure out if the move is permanent, but for now those who fell in love with ‘Misery Business’ and ‘Crushcrushcrush’ will be feeling short changed with the latest cuts from Paramore.

As we're the lovely helpful sorts around her too, we've got the lyric video for their new song right here for you too.

What do you think about Paramore’s new sound? Let us know in the comments section below.

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