Rebecca Newman - 'Holidays Are Coming'

Rebecca Newman - 'Holidays Are Coming'

Rebecca Newman is back with her rendition of 'Holidays Are Coming'.

In the race for Christmas number one, Rebecca is releasing the made-famous by Coca Cola advertisement tune alongside a festive video.

“The idea to release this song was first brought to me by my managers, who had known about it for a number of years, but never found the right artist to cover it. I have had to keep the release of this song a secret since March, despite wanting to tell the world about it." Newman said.

Every sale of the single sees 10p donated to Childline - part of the NSPCC - a charity which is close to her heart and has seen her support since 2008.

The viral video campaign will also be used to support a charity set up by Melanie Thornton's (the original singer) family following her death - the Melanie Thornton Foundation - which hopes to bring arts education to children aged 8-14.

'Holidays Are Coming' will be available to download from all major music sites from Sunday, November 24.

Rebecca is also embarking on a tour this December, more details of which can be found at

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