Rhys Williams returns following the critical acclaim of his debut album, announcing a whole new record and single, the latter of which is called ‘Lightning’ and tackles the topic of what everybody would do if the world was about to end.

We got the opportunity to get a quick catch up with Rhys to find out exactly what he would do if the world was REALLY going to end; here’s what he had to say…

“Well, in the song, it goes like this:

1. Deny anything’s happening.

2. Party as hard as possible.

3. Seek out everyone I nearly got together with between the ages of 18 to 24.

4. Stand in silence while everything crumbles around me.

But in real life, I think it would be much tamer. I had a health scare a few years back so I’ve already had a tiny window into what my thought processes would be. I made up my mind before I saw the doctor that I would just shut down everything and everyone in my life outside of my very close family. When he told me I was fine, I decided I was going to do that anyway and not wait for a scare again. So I calmed right down, stopped drinking alcohol and discovered the transcendent pleasure of a nice night in.

So with that in my, here’s my list. If I discovered it was the end of the world, I would:

1. Stop working immediately. I mean, I would literally get up and walk out on the spot.

2. Assemble my closest family and friends and never let them out of my sight again.

3. Have a massive, communal sing-song, ideally around a campfire (apocalyptic weather permitting!).

4. Watch comedies back to back. I’m thinking Cheers, The Simpsons, Blackadder 2 and 4, Father Ted, The Thick Of It… I want to go out laughing.

5. Work out how many hours were left and how many last meals I could fit in without making myself sick.

6. Work down the following last meals, starting with the favourites first: Roast chicken, roast potatoes and gravy; Steak and chips; Katsu curry; A big burrito.

7. I might also build a rocket, just in case an escape is on the cards. Maybe I should focus on that first…”

‘Lightning’ is the second single to be taken from upcoming new record, ‘We Are Climbing Angel Mountain’, released by Rhys Williams on March 3, 2017 via Right Track Records.

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