With the fabulous news that S Club 7 will indeed be reforming at some point 'very soon', we've decided to take a look at 7 things we cannot wait for the group to do when that amazing moment does come about.

1) Reach for the stars

It's a dance routine all nineties children knew off by heart, whether you were the class geek or cool kid. The inevitable tour HAS to see this make the setlist.

2) Party like an S Club party

Because nobody else can.

3) Be a full group of seven

One of the hardest moments of my childhood was watching the S Club series episode where Paul left the band. I think I was close to tears. It will be fantastic to put that behind me and see all seven members on the same page once more.

4) Bring it all back to you (me)

The memories will come flooding back. All those amazing moments which include me being told I had to have an adult with me to buy a copy of their album at Tescos. Don't ask me why. It's going to be emotional.

5) Hilarious ad campaigns

He was stuck in that position for a while...

OK, so they most probably won't be booked for major brands like Pepsi going forward, but we at least hope to get them plastered in hilarious positions on some sort of brand!

6) Bring innocence back to pop music

We have artists stripping, promoting drugs and all sorts in the world of music today, so the good messages we hope will continue from S Club 7 will be a breath of fresh air.

7) Stay together FOREVER

Well, we can all hope, right?

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