One quarter of the iconic classical crossover group Il Divo, Sébastien Izambard is next month set to drop his debut solo album ‘We Came Here To Love’ via Entertainment One Music. With 11 original songs either written or co-written and produced by Izambard himself, the record will more than ever before allow the singer to showcase his influences, style and future avenues to go down.

Having found a passion in music from a young age, Izambard was playing both guitar and piano as a child. It was the year 2000 when he released his first record, before joining Il Divo in 2003. Then becoming part of one of the most popular crossover groups the world has ever seen, he’s had an incredible career to-date, and is set to tour with Il Divo in July 2018.

The tenor says: “Being a part of Il Divo has afforded me a great opportunity to tour the world and get exposed to all different kinds of music. This album is far from what anybody would expect from me. I wanted to show a side of me that has nothing to do with Il Divo. I was a pop artist before, and it’s something I wanted to do and haven’t done in 20 years and now it’s the right time in my life for it. I wrote many of the songs and I’m so excited to put it out there for people to hear.”

In our excitement ahead of release, we caught up with Izambard to find out a little bit more about the man behind the performer. The result? 10 facts he wants his fans to know about him! Check them out below:

  1. I am passionate about psychology and love learning about it all the time. Constant growth is what keeps me excited in life.
  2. I travel with my pillow everywhere – it gives me a sense of being home. I have neck and disc issues so it helps me to be less in pain as well.
  3. I love writing for others, that is my passion – much more than being in front of the camera. Writing songs is what kept me alive as a young kid, I love it more than anything.
  4. I am very imperfect. People see us with a suit on but they don’t really know who we really are. We are just like everyone. That is why I did this record; I wanted for people to see all the different sides of me.
  5. I love people. I love connecting and learning about them and also helping them if I am able, the best I can.
  6. I help two charities that are really important to me. ANTM (Assistance MedicaleToit Du Monde – and SCF (Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation – it feels amazing to help others and give back what we have freely received.
  7. I love mornings, it is my favourite part of the day and waking up at home with my loved ones. The best ever, knowing I can just breathe is a blessing to me. I love seeing the colours, whichever they are.
  8. I didn’t really like myself for many years and I had a lot of self-esteem issues. It took a lot of work and therapy to get here. today, I am so grateful for all the learning and the pain I have felt in my life. It helped me to be who I am for today.
  9. I am adventurous. I love discovering new things, new places and I love doing that with my family. We try to get out of our comfort zone and so we can experience new things.
  10. I love the ocean a lot. I grew up in a city and the ocean was a dream place for me to live close to one day. And I do now and it is the dream. The love that the ocean gives you is incredible.

Sébastien Izambard will drop his debut UK solo album ‘We Came Here To Love’ on February 2, 2018.

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